What Is a Deed Poll Practical Law

A documentary survey can also be used (in England and Wales) for the clergy of the Church of England to give their holy consecrations. Another common use is land division. This form of documentary investigation is often used in Hong Kong. In Australia, prior to November 1, 2000,[5] the name change was done through an act investigation, but now this is done by filling out a name change form. The term “deed”, also called “specialty” in this context, is common for signed written commitments that are not supported by a consideration: the seal (even if it is not a literal wax seal, but only a fictitious seal to which the execution formula refers, “signed, sealed and delivered” or even simply “executed as a document”) is considered the consideration, necessary to support engagement. “Investigation” is an archaic legal term for documents with straight edges; These distinguished a document that binds only one person from a document that concerns more than one person (an “act”, so called during the period during which such agreements were written several times on a single sheet, and then the copies separated by tearing or irregular cutting, that is, “indented”, so that each party had a document with corresponding cracks, to prevent counterfeiting). Sureties, powers of attorney and wills are also good examples of deed investigations, as they are conducted by the settlor alone. [Citation needed] The most common use is a name change through a name change (often referred to simply as an act investigation). Documentary surveys are used for this purpose in countries such as the United Kingdom[1], Australia[2], Ireland[3], Hong Kong and Singapore. In the United Kingdom, a documentary inquiry may also be used to change a child`s name, provided that anyone with parental responsibility for the child accepts it and the child does not object. [4] The child`s parents conduct the documentary interview on behalf of the child. In other jurisdictions, a person may simply start using a new name without formal legal process.

The usual requirements are that only the new name should be used and that the change should not be made with the intention of fraud. Under English law, a person must inform each creditor of a name change by means of an investigative act. .

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