What Is an Authorised Audit Company

Public practitioners responsible for carrying out certain statutory audit assignments in New Zealand must be recognised as qualified accountants. CPA Australia recognizes members who meet our eligibility criteria as qualified accountants. To learn more about the requirements for qualified accountants, visit our Qualified Accountants page below. To be a registered company auditor (RCA) in Australia, you must have relevant qualifications and skills and be a capable, appropriate and appropriate person (s1280 Corporations Act). You can meet the qualification requirements by demonstrating that you (a) meet the exam proficiency standards or (b) have appropriate practical experience. Before undertaking audit or review engagements, check to see if you have the required permit or registration, if you need a certificate of public practice or IP insurance, what requirements exist, and what skills you need to have. CAs must submit an annual statement online to ASIC using Form 912 within 30 days of their registration date. If you are both an SMSF auditor and an RCA, you must file two separate financial statements. This section describes how to register as an individual or authorized accounting firm. SMSF auditors have separate registration requirements. You must comply with ASIC Regulatory Guide RG 243 Registration of Self-Directed Pension Fund Auditors to Audit SMSFs under the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act, 1993. If these audits are performed by CAs in an audit firm and not in a partnership, the firm must also be registered as a Chartered Accountant (CAA). Applicants for registration as a Chartered Accounting Firm should send signed copies of Act PF217: Insurance Coverage Against The Flow Insurance of Each Director`s Authorized Audit Firm to the following address: This summary will tell you if you need a Certificate of Public Practice or other requirements and what ongoing obligations exist if you plan to provide certain types of public accounting services in Australia.

Offer. To be eligible for registration as a licensed accounting firm, you must demonstrate that your business meets the requirements regarding company ownership and control, professional liability insurance, appropriate and appropriate directors, and external administration. A public practitioner may need to meet a number of licensing requirements and requirements when providing audit services. Separate licensing or registration requirements must be met if a practitioner intends to practice as follows: You must demonstrate that you have adequate qualifications and competencies, that you are capable and appropriate for ASIC to register you as an auditor. SMSF auditors must use the ASIC regulatory portal to make an annual declaration. If you are both an SMSF auditor and an RCA, you must file two separate financial statements. Public sector professionals must be registered as auditors of registered companies (RCA) with ASIC to be appointed auditors of a company. This also applies if you intend to audit other companies mentioned in the Companies Act 2001. RCA registration is also required for auditors appointed in accordance with certain laws, regulations, professional standards, federal or state industry requirements, or if they are formulated in a company`s authoritative documents. You can download the sample documents listed in Appendix 1 of Regulatory Guide 180 in Word format. See Tips for applying for auditor registration.

Apply for registration as an authorized auditor or accounting firm The PCAOB maintains a list of currently registered companies by name, location or audit reporting activity. This information is reported to the PCAOB by the companies in their most recent annual reports. You must submit the supporting documents at the same time as the electronic application for registration. For relevant document templates, see Tips for applying for auditor registration. You must prepare these documents and any necessary supporting information before submitting the electronic application. SMSF auditors must also meet the competency standard: Order class CO 12/1687 for approved SMSF auditors. We always strive to improve our information for listeners, so we want to know what`s important to you. Please leave us a comment. The Committee on Registered Organisations has useful resources and a podcast on what trade unions and employers` organisations should expect from their listener.

These explain what information you need to provide ASIC for registration, what documents you need to support your application, and the application process. They will also inform you of the conditions we may impose on your registration. Auditors must complete a separate registration to audit trade unions and employers` associations under the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2009. The auditor enrollment application opens a secure session in a new browser window. Your app is protected by industry-standard encryption. Depending on your browser settings, you may receive browser messages regarding the identity of the ASIC web server. We intend to use these sites to help people apply to become a Registered Business Auditor (RCA) or Authorized Accounting Firm (AAFC), and to understand the requirements and compliance obligations under the Companies Act, 2001. .

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